Swastik Bhoomi


Located in Umargam, Gujarat, The biggest studio in western India sprawls across 25 acres with 17 magnum opus shooting floors & 90+ Vanity Rooms. With a wide range of accommodation options available, It also grants you access to a lot of natural locations around Bhoomi like Beaches, a Quarry, a Fort, Forest, Boating Club & Island, Lotus Pond & many more.

Our shooting stages showcase picture-perfect palaces with mesmerizing indoor and outdoor courtrooms, along with markets with different flooring designs. The shoot-ready stages comprise of magnificent royal rooms for the kings and queens, while the ancient housing stage provides a traditional mud-oriented surface.

Need to create alternative stage setups using our shooting facilities? We are happy to share our multifunction spaces that reap the benefits of Croma flooring techniques as well. Above all, Swastik Bhoomi has vacant interior and exterior shoot floors ready to adapt to your vision.